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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will it take to see my website in google?

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From the time your website is published, on average it will take about a week until you rank in google.  However, it can take much longer to see your ranking at the top of the search results.  Your results will also vary depending on the search terms you want to rank for, and how competitive your local market is.  From launch onward, BDS-Marketing will keep you up to date with your current ranking, how many people are seeing you in google, and how many of those people click to your website.

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Your price will depend on the marketing services you select.  We can present you with some marketing options based on your current business goals, our you can select from our pricing sheet.  To see what our pricing looks like, contact us now!

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How much will this cost?

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What is the process like?

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Generally, things start off with a kickoff meeting.  This is where we review your current challenges, and what you're looking to accomplish or get more of.  Most of the time, people are looking for highly qualified and inexpensive leads.  We would then review some websites to get a look and feel of what you are going after.  I will then mock up a website using information I can find online.  This will take about a week.  We then meet again to review, make changes, and provide feedback.  Once the website is signed off by you, and payment is received, your site will be published.  Over the next weeks, I will work to make sure your website ranks in google and provide you updates on ranking, leads generated, and more depending on preference.

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